Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings  

by Ivan Cuxeva Jr

Have you ever wanted to know which are the best hosting services available without having to sign up to find out?. The right approach to this question is off course 'Ask current members and users!'.

This practice can potentially save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. This is the concept on which 'Consumer Reviews' was founded on, and it is the same principle many reputable blogs and webmaster forums use. By now, many should be wondering, 'Well, I sign up, register a domain name and upload my files to the server, what can go wrong?', the fact is that many things can go wrong.

The most important thing you should always inquire about is not how many gigabytes of monthly transfer they allow, but what kind of support such company offers, as well as their response turn around times. There is nothing worse than having a nice support which only responds once every 48-36+ hours!

Most webmasters have experience some sort of host related difficulty along the way so the best feature a hosting company can offer is 24/7 reliable and knowledgeable support with fast turn around times.

Another important piece of information needed before signing up with a web host is 'the fees'. Just like any other service company, a clear disclosure of their fee charts in imperative. We have all heard horror stories from webmasters who went just a few megabytes over their storage or bandwidth limit and were charged outrageous sums of money.

If you believe your web site will gain a considerable amount of traffic in a short period of time, it is necessary to speak to a service representative as soon as possible to avoid any financial complication, so do your projections and ask around to hear from the clients what they think about overage charges.

Plan flexibility is also a good factor to get a hosting review on. Not every webmaster needs unlimited and uncapped traffic and others will most likely utilize it to the fullest, so depending on your bandwidth utilization a good hosting provider will have a customizable options and 'economy' plans which are fully upgradeable if traffic conditions change.

The best hosting review sources are those which allow actual users to post their experiences through interactive interfaces such as message boards, chat and blogs. Reading and making a smart decision by interacting with other users can save you a lot of time and headaches indeed.

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