Do You Have Any Black Pepper For My Radiator?

Awhile back I had a woman traveling through to stop at the shop.

Her radiator, the one in her car, had a leak.

It was a small leak but she had lost a lot of water, in the car radiator.

Now, as I m not a radiator repair shop, and the nearest one was 20 miles, in the opposite direction, I did what I do to my old 8N Ford tractor radiator.

I put a small can of black pepper in it. Yeah, I did! No sugar, salt, or any other ingredients, just black pepper.

If the hole in a radiator is not too large, black pepper will stop it up, temporarily, and it s better than egg-white. You can store a can of black pepper in your dash compartment better than you can an egg, and it will last longer.

Black pepper will not dissolve, deteriorate, or digest. That s why I don t eat it plus, it burns my mouth. :-)

I say it is a temporary stop leak tool, but I ve used in before and the customer drove his vehicle for over a year before he sold it.

Go to the grocery store, get one of those 2 cans, brand doesn t matter, and put it in the compartment on the dash, or the console.

Just don t use it all up at the drive-in eating places keep it until you create a leak in your radiator.