Radiator Cover

A radiator is a heat-exchanging device that either absorbs or radiates heat. A typical radiator has a copper or aluminum tube bent several times to form a rectangle. These multiple loops help increase the internal surface area of the radiator and help in the cooling and heating process.

Radiators are common in homes, especially those located in cold regions. Unlike automotive radiators, where the device functions as a cooling element, building radiators primarily serve the function of heating the apartments. The radiator is warmed by hot water being pumped into it from a water heater. The hot water, when passing through the main radiator, gives out hear through the aluminum body and then sinks back to the bottom of the device. Although radiators are effective heating devices, their appearance tends to hamper the aesthetic beauty of the room. Most radiators are bulky in size and their aluminum body clashes with the rest of the room d cor. Radiator covers are the perfect cure for this problem.

Radiator covers, as the name suggests, are enclosures for the radiators. These may be made of wood, aluminum, brass or fiberboard. These covers not only shield the unsightly radiator but also enhance the heating effect of the device. A normal radiator s heat goes off into all directions of the room. One the other hand, a radiator cover, with its straight fins, directs the warm air in a particular direction, hence maintaining a consistent temperature in the room.

Radiator covers serve several other purposes as well. They function as protective devices, shielding people from the extreme heat that can be generated. Radiators can pose severe burn hazards if left unattended. Some of the modern radiator covers can also double up as storage devices.

Some experts claim that radiator covers tend to hold back heat and as a result use up more energy. However, if the radiator is properly designed and well maintained, this problem can be overcome. Overall, radiator covers are sure to enhance the process of heating and add to the aesthetic beauty of a room.