Oil Filled Radiator Heaters: How they work and uses  

by Glee

Why buy a Oil Filled Radiator Heater instead of different types? The most obvious reason to purchase a oil filled radiator heater is for safety and a silent operation. These heaters operate by warming up a special heat-conserving oil inside the heater. Then it circulates the oil throughout the coils and fins of the radiator to heat them. Those coils and fins radiate the heat into the rest of the room through convection. Cold air is warmed by the heat radiating from the fins of the heater and the warmed air rises drawing in the air below it which is usually colder than the air above and the process repeats. Since it does not have fans to move the air around the radiator is silent.

How are Oil Filled Radiator Heaters different from other heaters? The heat conserving oil is sealed inside the coils of the radiator. Since the oil is only warmed, is never burned, and never needs to be replaced or refilled it makes oil filled radiator heaters very efficient to operate. In addition, some heaters have safety covers that prevent children and pets from touching the heating elements that radiate the warmth. Generally they have a lower surface temperature than other heaters, and because of the large surface area of the heater they heat the room just as fast.

How do most people use Oil Filled Heaters? These radiators are perfect for chilly bedrooms and offices. They spot heat anywhere, and can be very compact. Some are light in weight, letting you place them anywhere where you need a little bit more heat. Several are made to fit into the area beneath a desk so they can be unobtrusive and since they are quiet nobody would notice their presence. Another important thing about the under desk radiators is that they only take 40 watts of power to run so you could plug them into the same circuit as your computer. The area of heat our radiator heaters can warm range from 150 square feet to an area as small as 40 square feet for an under desk style unit. An added benefit of the small desk-type units is that they are extremely efficient. Buy a SAFE Oil Filled Radiator Heater for personal comfort. These heaters are ideal if you just need that extra bit of warmth or your co workers prefer it colder than you like, or when you would like to save money by not heating the whole building and only your little corner of the house. Not only are they safer than other heaters with tip over safety switches and overheat auto shutoff switched, they require almost no maintenance, and are quite easy to move.

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