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Nikon Digital Cameras
By surya ongko
Cameras are used worldwide to capture important memories of your life. Cameras were invented to take pictures and shoot video. The technology is so advanced and developing that from camera rolls they have developed to memory card. It is small compared to a film roll and can store more photos. Company has pioneered the art of manufacturing digital cameras. digital Camera is used and available worldwide. A digital camera is available at an affordable price so everyone prefers this camera instead of old and outdated cameras. The technology has improved so much from past years, the users had to set the camera first and then arrange the surroundings and then click the photo. Either it would come in black or white photo or the colored would not have a good clarity. But today the quality is sharp and up to mark. Transferring images is also not a problem as the camera can be attached to the computer through a data cable. The quality if digital camera is excellent. They are made out of high quality and they deliver images with good clarity. The software of digital camera is also easy to understand.

One of the inventions in the digital camera list is the D80. It has a 10.2 mega pixel lens which clicks high quality pictures. Interchangeable lenses can be applied as in the lens of the camera can be changed according to the requirements. The flash of the D80 can turn night into day light. It has


a powerful light which is clear and does not harm the eyes. The battery stamina is more in this camera as fewer functions are working during the processing time. The 10.2 mega pixel delivers sharp and bright images which makes this camera a preferred one for amateurs and professionals.

The D700 also boasts in front of other cameras as it has a 12.1 mega pixel lens. The lens feature cannot be compared with other cameras because a 12.1 mega pixel lens is rarely found in digital cameras. One more function it is capable is that it can take five frames per second. This feature is also not found in other manufacturer’s camera. digital cameras are made out with 100% perfection which makes them easy to use.

Another from the factory is the P4. It has an 8-mega pixel lens which is good for clicking indoor as well as outdoor pictures. A 2.5-inch screen is given to view your albums and where you aim the camera. The screen is scratch resistant and is made out of high quality which gives stunning view of pictures. The auto mode in this camera is one of the features preferred by amateurs. Clicking pictures from this camera would surely give you confidence as it easy to use. The software is designed in an easy format. It is one the basics from the digital Cameras series.

The S50C is also a good ... see the complete article www.my-digital-camera.info/nikon-digital-cameras

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