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Nikon Monarch, A Monarch In The Field
By john
Monarch are Nikon’s proposal to medium cost binoculars. Although this is true, I wouldn’t really consider Monarch to be medium quality too; in fact, those binoculars have many features that you would only find in the top priced rivals. This fact does not only qualify Monarch as high quality binoculars (considering they are above the medium category) but it also improves the price/quality ratio which is one of the first things that a potential buyer should consider.

The binoculars are available in three configurations: 8x42, 10x42 and 12x42. The Monarch series are waterproof, fog-proof as well as shockproof; furthermore, they are nitrogen purged.

Those binoculars are very easy to use. They are light and you can hang them on your neck without any weight problem at all. The shape is very user friendly and the overall usage is a very easy and straight forward. The surface is made from a no-slip texture and the ergonomics are generally very good.

Monarchs have a 330 foot field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. Your closest focus can be something close to 8 feet; not bad at all! You can easily adjust the focus by rotating the focus knob which is really comfortable to use.

I would


consider Monarch’s brightness to be pretty medium considering it’s a 42mm objective binocular. Although the prisms are totally multicoated and phase-coated there is still some blurriness around the field of focus. But then again, you should not really be expecting absolute perfection from binoculars of this price.

Naturally, the diopter adjustment mechanism is located on the right barrel; thankfully, it is hard enough to rotate it so it is hard for unintentional rotations to occur.

As mentioned above, you can hang your binoculars on your neck. The strap is really comfortable because it widens around the neck’s area and it also has a patch of cloth to maximize comfort. This, along with the small size and the lightweight design make Monarchs really easy to carry around. Obviously, mobility and ease of use is a very important factor regarding binoculars.

With all that said, it’s not really hard to understand that if you are a hobbyist (or possibly something more than that) the Monarch binoculars will serve you really well. After all, they come from a manufacturer who has gained worldwide respect over a series of decades on the field of optics; how could those binoculars fail to satisfy you?
John Gibb is the owner of binocular sources For more information on binoculars check out www.binocular-sources-4u.info

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