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Oneplanet Herbs - 5 Ways To Beat The Money Worry Blues
By Terra Mar
If you’re not living on Mars you’re probably concerned: mortgage crisis… economic meltdown, …Wall St. implodes, …big fat Bailout… 401K’s becoming 101K’s. As if we weren’t already living on the edge and now this?

I think many of us are asking how does this translate into my job, my home, my family’s future? Like you I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know either. Therein lies an enormous stress-provoking problem.

Some years ago I went through a major crisis when I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Through trial-by-fire I learned some coping skills I’d like to share.

1. You can deal with what you know. It’s what you don’t know that’s terrifying.

The absolute worst part of everything I went through with cancer was what I now refer to as “diagnosis hell.” In my case it lasted a full month, and the news seemed to get worse, not better. I managed to get through it by taking each bit of information I had and figuring out what I could do, what part the doctors could do, and sending the rest off on a hope and a prayer. Believe me, between my work and the doctors work I had enough to occupy me. I decided that fretting over what neither of us could handle would only work against what both of us were trying to accomplish.
My personal work involved a lot of complimentary care while I let the docs do the big stuff. My love of and other natural approaches was reinforced as I saw how well I felt going through treatment. I did sometimes fret and had plenty of access to pharmaceuticals for anxiety and stress. But given the long-term nature of my journey back to health, I viewed that as a slippery slope. Mostly I just took one step at a time, but when I needed it, I either listened to relaxation tapes or used natural herbal remedies for anxiety.

2. Become a modern day hunter and a gatherer.

I found a lot of ‘hunting and gathering’


skills I didn’t know I had. You may not either, but they’re there and they’re strong. They’re part of our DNA, yours and mine, patiently waiting for a call to action. I hunted down my personal demons, fears, anxieties. I hunted the best modern medical techniques. I hunted my docs for information. I hunted people who didn’t know how to deal with me, who tried to frighten me, who wanted to tell me horror stories and got myself as far away from them as I could.
I gathered around me a healing team, a warm campfire of support. I called on family loved ones, true friends. It took a lot for me to let people know I was in trouble and needed help. Once I did I was overwhelmed – and forever changed – by the support I received.

3. Learn what and who is good for you ditch the rest, get out of your way, and let the help flow.

Know what you need. Look at your situation as a marathon, not a sprint. Take time to figure out what recharges you. Walks, workouts, books, baths, movies, massages? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s yours. Make the time for it and it will become an important part of your coping strategy. Know too what unravels you and avoid it like the plague. If you can’t get it (or them) out of your life find ways to buffer yourself.

4. Decide who you want to be as you go through difficulties because you model it for others.

I learned that one quickly first during my own diagnosis hell and then from women who were diagnosed after me and were reaching out. Little things, from your tone of voice to messages of hope and concrete suggestions will either scare or help others facing the same challenges you’ve been working on.

5. We can’t always change what we’re facing, but we can always change how we face it.

That’s the individual bottom line. No solutions to the economic meltdown here, but five proven tips to guarantee you won’t melt as you cope.
Terra Mar is owner of OnePlanet Herbs, www.OnePlanetHerbs.com. Combining her personal experience with her herbal knowledge she created Mellow Monkey as her natural remedy for anxiety and stress. OnePlanet Herb remedies are all 100% natural and will help keep your immune system strong in turbulent times, help you think clearly, and help keep you both energetic and on an even keel in rough waters.

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Oneplanet Herbs - 5 Ways To Beat The Money Worry Blues
By Terra Mar
If you’re not living on Mars you’re probably concerned: mortgage crisis… economic meltdown, …Wall St. implodes, …big fat Bailout… 401K’s becoming 101K’s. As if we weren’t already living on the edge Read more...
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