Body Building Workout Routines And Women - Do They Help?

Body building workout routines can help women over 35 lose weight

A recent medical study involving women over 35 found that body building workout routines could actually help them lose weight. After age 35, women lose up to 5 pounds of muscle a year and begin to maintain more fat.

Body building workout routines, the researchers found, help women keep or even gain muscle allowing them to lose more fat and weight. The study found that even strenuous body building routines in middle-aged women did not make them look bulky or masculine.

The number of women using free weights in the United States doubled between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. With the news about body building workout routines as a possible way to lose weight, more and more women are pushing iron.

Younger women who perform body building workout routines will not lose weight like middle aged women. They may even gain pounds, but the heavier muscle replacing the fat on their bodies will give them a sleek, toned look that cannot be achieved by cardiovascular exercise alone. Only body building workout routines can tone certain parts of a woman s body.

The other benefit to women taking up body building workout routines is increased strength. As a woman ages, her upper body strength tends to weaken. Great body building workout routes focusing on the upper body will help a woman stay stronger longer.

Stronger bones can be achieved by performing body building workout routines. Women are in danger of developing brittle bones when they are older, but studies show this does not have to the case. The National Strength and Conditioning Association set exercise prescription guidelines for stimulating bone growth, which can be achieved through body building workout routines. The group recommends performing 3-6 sets of up to 10 repetitions with a one- to four-minute rest between sets

Building strong muscles with body building workout routines will help a young woman stay slimmer longer before she starts losing muscle tone in middle age. Get started today with body building workout routines to help you stay stronger and slimmer longer.