Some Causes of High Blood Pressure in Children  

by Neil Harper

Did you know that babies can develop high blood pressure? Many might think of this as uncommon but it really isn't. When babies have high blood pressure it is usually because they are premature or have a kidney or a heart problem. When older children have high blood pressure it is usually a result of their family history.

As you might have noticed there is an increase in obesity in children today. This also increases their chances of developing high blood pressure, putting them at a greater risk of developing health problems. A great way to prevent this is to have your child's blood pressure checked often as they get older.

Some other ways to help are by watching your child's diet and making sure they get plenty of exercise. Some kids are not as active today what with video games and all. Get your child involved in sports or some other activities on a regular basis form an early age. It will benefit them health wise as well as boost their self esteem later down the road.

Just like adults, it is easy to control your child's blood pressure. Watch their diet, especially in the area of snack foods. Be sure they are getting the right nutrition and limit their intake of salt. Get them eating fresh fruits and vegetables. While many children don't like vegetables, there are many ways to overcome this. You can spice up any recipe that involves vegetables.

Physical activity is a big key to any healthy lifestyle. Getting your child involved in physical activity while young will help ensure they stay active and healthy as they get older. Involve them in a sport of their choosing and take walks with them. Both of you will benefit from this.

If your family has a history of high blood pressure, be sure your children get routine check ups. This will help to ensure they do not develop high blood pressure and if they do, you can start controlling it. Remember stress can raise blood pressure and while children shouldn't be stressed, many of them are.

Children deal with stress just like adults, just in different ways. Talk with your child and stay active in their life and what goes on. You want them to have a happy and healthy life and you can help them achieve that goal.

If you are unable to control your child's blood pressure through their diet and exercise, you might have to turn to medication. Talk with your doctor and let them know what you have already tried. Sometimes this is not enough alone, but with medication, you can help control it.

Exercise and spend time with your child every day. Exercising alone can be hard for children and adults alike. You can get involved with your child this way and it will benefit both of you.

Talk with your teenager about not smoking and drinking. These both cause high blood pressure and once they know the risks they are less likely to try them. Do not think your child is immune from developing any health problems along with high blood pressure.

Remember that blood pressure increases with age until you are around fifty. If you get a head start on watching yours and your child's at an early age, you will both benefit very well in the end.

About the Author

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