Fitness Trainer Schools

Fitness Trainer Schools educate students in the necessary skills and techniques required to help others achieve health, wellness and fitness goals. Fitness Trainer Schools teach future fitness trainers how to motivate their clients, and to promote better health and general fitness.

Fitness Trainer Schools instruct students to assess their clients' current medical and physical health, and to develop individualized exercise regimens and nutritional programs to achieve optimum wellness. A fitness trainer can create a fitness routine and nutritional plan for clients wishing to gain or lose weight, increase stamina and strength, or achieve and maintain excellent physical health. They may also work in specialized fields such as occupational therapy and bodybuilding.

Fitness trainers may find employment in health clubs, wellness and recreation centers, hospitals, client homes, personal training facilities, schools, and even a corporate setting. A qualified fitness trainer must possess certification in fitness training, and some formal postgraduate or college education is also desirable.

Depending on the level of education and experience, a fitness trainer can earn from $22,000 to $34,000 or more per year. Fitness trainers may charge from $20-$70 per hour for individualized sessions.

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