Fitness and Health Industry Writers and Public Relations

If you are in the Health Care Industry or Fitness Industry did you know you can get free articles for your newsletters without paying free-lance writers those outrageous fees? There are many on-line free-lance writers who write articles for 100s of dollars and if you are paying them, then you are wasting your money. Why?

To tell you the truth most of there stuff really is not that good. In fact one writer I know of; she writes PR stuff for the Health Industry out of Arizona and charges exorbitant fees and even teaches other writers how to hold businesses out for ransom for the largest fees; so much for professional parasites?

Sounds like writers have turned into a bunch of lawyers by their billing hours? Sheesh. You can go online and look for Ezine Articles or Free Content Articles, then simply click on the Health and Fitness Sections and get real; Free-Lance articles, do not pay professional writers for your articles that you need.

And certainly if you are in the Health and Fitness Industry do not do it. It is one of the largest categories of articles out there, with thousands to choose from. Never pay another Health and Fitness writer again. They charge too much, put out questionable work and only slightly better than average content. Stop over paying and start saving money on your content. Consider all this in 2006.