How To Get Votes And Go Through To The Petmillions.Com Pet Photo Finals!  

by Joe Mottram

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If you've entered the pet image contest, you have probably realised that you just need to get enough votes in any one month to get into the top 20, and you are guaranteed a place in the Grand Final (and a cash prize!). Get into the top 20 in just one month, and you are thru to the Grand Final, and THAT'S the way to win up to $1,000,000!. But how do you get people to vote for your pet?

Here are some great ways to get your voting underway!

First off, choose 5 picture hosting. The more pictures of your pet, the more likely surfers are to vote for you, or even better, pass your link on to friends. You also contribute to your fave pet charities when you do this. What kind of images are best? Think cute, think funny, think quirky. Don't worry about the quality of the image - an amateur 'snap' is as good as a pro-photo of your pooch.

Every person including you, can vote 1 time per day for each entry, including your own. If you have entered 3 pets in the contest, you can vote for each pet once each day. Your friends and family can vote too, and this is how:-

Whenever you ask for someone to vote for your pet either give them your pet ID number so they can search and find the pet on the website OR the give them the web URL for voting e.g. your pet ID number can be found when you login to your account area and click on 'my entry forms'. You can also find this information on the voting page itself, towards the bottom of the page.

Here are some more ideas.


why not send everyone you know an email or perhaps an e-card asking them to vote. have a strict anti spam policy so please only send emails to people you know, and don't overdo it.

snail mail...

why not send people you know a letter in the post asking to vote for your pet or perhaps include a note in a birthday or christmas card.

make a video...

show the world how cool your pet is, create your own video clip and submit it to Make sure at the start and end of the video you show your pet id and so people can vote for your pet! If you have 5 picture hosting you can even embed your URL into your voting page!

blog it...

do you have a blog? Have you created your own myspace or perhaps you are a member of facebook or bebo? If you are then start plugging your pet in these pages! put the full voting link in e.g.

chat and messenger...

are you a member of a chat room or forum? If yes then make sure you have a full link in your signature asking other people to vote for your pet example: Vote Now! /?vote=567

do you chat on messenger? If yes then why not change your buddy icon to be your pet, plus change your name to be your pets vote id - example below. You can always drop a request for someone to vote for your pet in a conversation!


why not make your own poster and place it in the windows of your house or car.

clothing and stickers...

why not create your own vote t-shirt or car bumper sticker?

That's about it for now. Get on over to and sign your pets up now. You could win a million, and every entry you make means contributions to charity! Joe Mottram is one of the graphics guys. He has a keen interest in all things about web traffic, which he shares here.

"Picasa" Free Photo Software A free software download from Google. Edit and share pictures on your PC.

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