Cover Letter Fax Guidelines  

by Mario Churchill

With the advent of the internet many of the rules changed when applying for a job. While it used to be common to mail or fax your cover letter and resume, now the preferred method is email, or through an online job service such as HotJobs of

There are still times when a company will accept paper resumes and cover letters. When this option is available, consider faxing the information. Although email is still the quickest and most convenient route, it also makes it very easy to quickly delete the information. Faxing the information will put a tangible item in their hand, and that might be what it takes to get your cover letter read. Here are some guidelines that will make your fax cover letter stand out.


Like any cover letter, your fax cover letter needs to be properly formatted. It should also be free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. Most word processing programs come with spelling and grammar checking functions. It is well worth your time and effort to learn to use them. After you've run the spell and grammar checks on your cover letter, re-read it to pick up on ay mistakes the program might have missed.

Your cover letter should be clear and to the point. While you want to be able to sell yourself with the letter, you can't waste too much time getting it done. Your cover letter should be no more than one page in length. Job ads will often get a lot of responses. If it takes too long to read your cover letter the hiring manager will move on to the next letter.


Before you begin writing your cover letter, do a little research. Find out the name of the person doing the hiring, and a little bit about the company and their values and philosophies. Start your letter by addressing it to the person that will read it. "Dear Hiring Manager" is an opening that will get your cover letter tossed aside. Addressing the person by name will get their attention, and show that you cared enough about the job to do your research.

You also need to identify the job you are applying for, and where you heard about the job. If someone from inside the company gave you a tip, this is the place to drop their name. Having a recommendation from someone inside the company gives you a little more credibility.

Do not be afraid to use a little creativity in your writing. You need to catch the hiring manager's eye, and you cannot do that with the same tired letter that everyone else sends. Let your passion and energy show through.

Identification of Skills

The body of you cover letter should highlight some of your relevant skills. Target your information to address the skills the company is looking for. Try to word it in ways that reflect the company's values.

You do not have time to mention every thing, so focus on the most important points. Again, make sure you write your cover letter in a way that is interesting, and that is written specifically for this job. Let the passion you feel toward what you do come through. If the cover letter makes it seem like you're not interested, chances are the hiring manager won't be interested in you.


The final paragraph is where you direct the reader back to your resume. Thank the hiring manager for taking the time to read your cover letter, and then ask for an interview. This is where many cover letters fall short. Do not just talk about being interested in the position. After you've asked for the interview, leave information on how you can be contacted for an interview. Even if the information is in the header of your cover letter, list it again, you want to make it as easy as possible for the hirer to contact you.

You should also give a specific day you will be following up on your resume and cover letter. On that date, make sure you call.

If the company that is hiring will accept faxed cover letters and resumes, it is a strategy that's worth considering. With most of the applications coming via email, a faxed letter will stand out from the crowd. It gives them something tangible that they can hold in their hand, and that makes it a little bit harder to throw away without at least looking at it. This is your personal sales letter. Do what it takes to get it noticed.

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